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Adult Recruitment

Looking for a challenge? Enjoy working with young people? If you’ve got a sense of adventure and a few hours to spare, you can help us help young people realise their potential. Isn’t it time you expanded your horizons?

The Royal Air Force Air Cadet organisation

The 60,000-strong Royal Air Force Air Cadet organisation (RAFAC) is one of the UK’s largest national voluntary youth organisations. Part-sponsored by the Royal Air Force, the RAFAC has an outstanding record of investment in young people from all social and ethnic backgrounds. The RAFAC encompasses the Air Training Corps (ATC) and the RAF sections of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), and provides a structured programme of activities and training opportunities designed to achieve the following broad aims:

  • To promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation, the RAF and the other Services among young people.
  • To provide training that will be useful both in the Services and in civilian life.
  • To foster a spirit of adventure and to develop qualities of leadership as well as good citizenship.

The ATC’s success in achieving these objectives can be measured by the high degree of respect afforded to air cadets within their local communities, and by civilian and military employers alike.

So what exactly is the secret of helping young people to become high flyers? Air Commodore Jon Chitty, former Commandant Air Cadets, explains: “Quite simply, we give our cadets the opportunity to gain self-confidence and develop strong personal qualities, whilst taking part in exciting and challenging activities. The air cadet training syllabus is comprehensive, and both cadets and staff can gain nationally recognised qualifications. We aim to develop enthusiastic and responsible members of society who strive to succeed in whatever occupation they choose – and the results prove we are successful.”

The activities and opportunities available to members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadet organisation (RAFAC) are certainly impressive. From flying to community work, adventure training to BTEC qualifications and navigation to target shooting, the list is endless.

RAFAC Officer

To become an officer in the Air Cadets you generally first join as a civilian instructor or serve as a senior non-commissioned officer to gain experience. After 3-6 months you are interviewed by your Squadron Commander and then go before a Commissioning Board at Regional HQ. When you take the Queen’s Cadet Forces Commission in the RAF Air Cadets you are given an RAF uniform with RAFAC on the shoulder.

You will be attached to a squadron and you will be expected to attend for at least 12 hours per month. Normally squadrons meet twice a week, perhaps between 7-9 pm on a Tuesday and a Thursday – but the days and times vary according to each unit.

As a volunteer you will not be paid but can claim up to 28 days allowance plus travel and subsistence expenses.

You will be expected to attend the Officers’ Initial Course at RAF College Cranwell, Lincolnshire within your first year and the Officers’ Senior Course at a later date. The courses are geared towards developing your leadership skills.

You can also gain qualifications in mountain leadership, First Aid, NVQs and attend courses in corporate communications and shooting range management.

Promotion can take you through the ranks from Pilot Officer and Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader and even Wing Commander. (The substantive rank is Flying Officer and the others are acting ranks). As your Air Cadet career progresses you may be offered a position on the Wing or Region staff.

On your squadron you will develop your leadership skills, help on routine parade nights with a range of activities and with the ATC’s well respected academic syllabus. You may also take cadets aged 12-20 on adventure training activities at numerous locations including at our centres in Fairbourne, Wales and Windermere, Cumbria. You will help cadets with their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, music and sport and accompany them to flying and gliding schools. You might even have the chance to take to the skies yourself!

The RAFAC runs camps across the UK and in Germany, Cyprus and Gibraltar as well as expeditions to far flung regions such as Mongolia, Iceland and South America. Each year a handful of adult volunteers are chosen to accompany cadets on the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) to 15 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada. There may be the opportunity for you to travel.

Rest assured wearing a RAFAC uniform is a non-combatant role and does not mean you can be deployed to a war zone – your role is to train the Next Generation of air cadets!

Adult NCOs

To become an Adult Sergeant in the Air Cadets you generally first join as a Civilian Instructor and after 3-6 months you will be interviewed by your squadron commander and then go into uniform.

When you get your Sergeant’s rank tapes you will also be given an RAF uniform and will wear RAFAC on your shoulder. When appointed you will be expected to attend the Senior Non Commissioned Officers’ Staff Initial Course (SSIC) at RAF College Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

You will be expected to give a minimum of 12 hours of your time per month for Air Cadet duties and will normally attend your squadron twice a week perhaps between 7-9pm on a Monday and Tuesday. Times and days vary locally.

Your squadron duties include becoming involved in literally every aspect of Air Cadet activity from parade nights to adventure training and seven major sports to radio communications, shooting, Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, bands and the respected academic syllabus.

Along the way you will help young people aged 12-20 to learn and to become good citizens but you will also develop your leadership skills and have the opportunity to pick up qualifications in mountain leadership, First Aid, NVQs and attend a number of courses.

Rest assured wearing a uniform is a non-combatant role and does not mean you can be deployed to a war zone – your role is to train the Next Generation of air cadets!

Civilian Instructor

Adult volunteers play a vital role in all aspects of cadet life, whether organizing activities, encouraging and educating cadets or helping the squadron to run smoothly.

We welcome all responsible adults – male or female – from all social backgrounds, cultures and religions. You do not need to have any prior military experience.

As a Civilian Instructor you can give as much or as little time as you can manage and you do not need any formal qualifications. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and if you wish take qualifications in mountain leadership, First Aid and NVQs that may also be useful to you in your career.

If you choose, you may apply to become an Adult Sergeant or an Officer in the RAF Air Cadets. As a Civilian Instructor you can get involved in squadron activities but you do not have to wear a uniform.

Our volunteers say they gain a huge sense of achievement from helping young people realise their potential. Why not give it a try?

You can also claim travel allowances.

The Next Step

Contact the Squadron Commander via oc.132@rafac.mod.gov.uk to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your options.