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When cadets undertake any activities away from the Cadet Hut the following forms must be completed by a person having parental responsibility for a cadet under 16  years of age, or the cadet if over 16 years of age.  The cadet must bring the completed and signed forms along to the activity:

  • TG Form 21 – Cadet Activities Consent & Health Form (required for all activities)
  • TG Form 23 – Medical Declaration Form (one form required for each condition that needs to be declared)

Adult staff must complete the form below, plus TG Form 23 if applicable.

  • TG Form 22 – Adult Staff Activities Next of Kin & Health Form (NOT FOR CADET USE).

When a cadet needs to be absent from a parade night, the cadet must complete and hand in an Authorised Absence Request Form in advance (at least the parade night before the proposed absence) to a member of staff for approval. Non-attendance that has not been approved will be registered as absent without permission.