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TG21 forms are required when cadets undertake higher risk events such as Adventure Training (AT), Live Firing & Marksmanship Training (LFMT), Fieldcraft Training (FT) and must be completed by a person having parental responsibility for a cadet under 16  years of age, or by the cadet if over 16 years of age.  The cadet must bring the completed and signed forms along to the activity. TG21 forms are not required for lower risk events.

Separate TG23 Health Declaration Forms are required for current medical condition(s) to be declared as appropriate regardless as to whether a TG21 Cadet Activities & Health Declaration is required.

  • TG Form 21 – Cadet Activities Consent & Health Form (required for all activities)
  • TG Form 23 – Health Declaration Form (one form required for each condition that needs to be declared)

Adult staff must complete the form below, plus TG Form 23 if applicable.

  • TG Form 22 – Adult Staff Activities Next of Kin & Health Form (NOT FOR CADET USE)

Uniform Orders

Uniform can be ordered using the the links below:

For replacement items please use this link: Uniform Replacement Order Form Unfortunately this form is currently restricted to one item per form.

For initial issue please use this link: Uniform Order Form